A Key Aspect of the Design Mindset

Why Companies Will Increasingly Have to Learn to Run Partially-Remote Sprints

8 Things Google Ventures Knows About Design, Strategy, and Risk

How to Run a Design Sprint to Improve an Existing Product

How the Art of Non-Action Can Transform Your Work

Photo by Ryan Carpenter on Unsplash

Creativity and Design Thinking Are Essential for Good Strategy

Another boring day chasing status through conformity at the office.

KonMari isn’t just for homes, it’s for business tools as well.

  1. Breaking down large problems to their component…

And the Means of Keeping It

Design Sprints force everyone to lean in and subtly encourage overly dominant people to step back

Illustration by author

The Hardest Job in the Sprint is the Prototyper’s, Here’s How We Help

Eran Dror

Founder at Remake Labs — https://www.remakelabs.com

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